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Tatiana - Corporate Client

Project: Corporate Internal Video

Services: video shoot on location, compositing, writing, video edit, audio mix, teleprompter, DVD and web delivery, distant learning, webcasting

“Thanks for the awesome work. And can I just comment how wonderful you guys were to work with?! With the million changes that we had to make, you were so nimble, understanding and just great. Really enjoyed it.”


George - Corporate Client

Project: Social Media Video - Distant Learning

Services: video shoot on location, writing, video edit, audio mix, DVD and web delivery - social media consulting

“The results FMG helped us accomplish are getting a professional voice over completed in a short amount of time with a result that we could use right away within our production pipeline. We can consistently count on FMG for top quality, best value results. We can trust FMG to come up with solutions that work with little input from us.”


Jake Hirsch - Voiceover Artist:

“Pro's are hard to find and you're nothing short of being one. I'm looking forward to working with you all again.”