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Ailene - Corporate Client

Project: Social Media Video - Distant Learning

Services: video shoot on location, writing, video edit, audio mix, DVD and web delivery - social media consulting

“thx. for all of your help . You are amazingly patient.”

“I love you!!!!”


Daniel - Advertising Agency

Project: Corporate Internal Video

Services: Green screen shoot on location, compositing, video edit, audio mix and DVD delivery

“Thanks a lot for a great shoot, and Steve for your help with the cranberries at the last second, couldn’t have done it without you. I think we’re going to have an awesome video come out of all this. Thank the team again for me.”


Daniel - Corporate Client

Project: Video Forensic - Corporate Video

Services: video shoot on location, video edit, audio mix, DVD and web delivery

“FMG is a media services provider with a diverse range of services intheir portfolio. FMG is pleasant to work with and bring a personal flavor to the service offering. Trial creative sees FMG as professional and thoughtful.”