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James Early - Voiceover Artist:

"This is such a moving story. You did a superb job on capturing the essence of a life transformed. The last scene where everyone comes out and stands behind Craig is very powerful and seals the deal."


John Cappiello - Non-profit Client

Project: Fundraising Video

Services: video shoot on location, compositing, writing, video edit, audio mix, DVD and web delivery

“What can I say? Wow. Hagopian, Callie and her dad, the ICU nurse from Yale—powerful.”

“Overall, a first-rate piece. I take my hat off to you and the video producers!"


Judy - Advertising Client

Project: Social Media Video, Distant Learning, Web Design

Services: writing, video edit, audio mix, DVD and web delivery - social media consulting - Facebook contest page

“Thanks, they are so happy that it is live! We far exceeded their expectations!”